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Toucan Tango

Træningsdragt fra Australske Amanzi. Amanzi (udtales A-man-zee) betyder vand på zulu. Den australske badetøjsfabrikant specialiserer sig i badetøj til konkurrencesvømmere og andre som nyder at svømme i vand. Amanzi tilbyder funktionelle badedragter med stor holdbarhed.

135 DKK

269 DKK inkl. moms

Betal med følgende
Betal med følgende

Amanzi skriver om dragten: Traipsing through a jungle utopia, you find yourself surrounded by the sounds of nature. The long, low chirps sound cheery, like they’re following you to serenade every footfall. Gazing skyward, you see a flash of vibrant colour as toucans and parrots shift and swirl through the air, tweeting their messages of vibrant beauty to your happy ears. Close your eyes against the warm, beaming sunshine and let your spirit soar with the birds of paradise. AMANZI ARMOR klor resistent stof 100% Polyester syning Maximum 50+ UV beskyttelse Medium udskæring ben

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